Alireza Rahmani khalili

Senior Software Engineer, Domain driven Design Practitioner


Hello Future Collaborators,

I’m Alireza Rahmani Khalili, a dedicated Symfony 6 Certified Software Engineer with nine years of experience. I don’t just write code; I craft solutions that blend the art of programming with the science of innovation. Here’s why you’ll want me on your team:

🚀 Domain Driven Design (DDD) Advocate: I am not merely a developer; I’m a fervent advocate for Domain Driven Design (DDD). I bring a deep understanding of DDD principles to every project, dissecting complexities and architecting solutions that resonate with the core of your business.

🔧 Problem-Solving Prodigy: Beyond identifying issues and fixing bugs, I excel at engineering well-researched, cost-effective solutions. I approach problem-solving as an opportunity to enhance your systems, embracing DDD methodologies to ensure solutions align seamlessly with your business objectives.

💡 Innovator at Heart: From DDD workshops to the intricacies of microservices, I don’t shy away from pushing technological boundaries. My passion for innovation extends beyond code; it’s about bringing fresh perspectives to your projects and steering them toward excellence.

🛠️ Tech Maestro: My toolkit is diverse, spanning PHP 8.2, Symfony 6, Laravel, and more. I thrive on challenges, leveraging my proficiency to handle the demands of any project. With a focus on DDD, I architect systems that not only meet technical requirements but also align with your business strategy.

🏆 Proven Achievements: In my recent role at PEPData in Lisbon, I led the redesign of an anti-money laundering solution, applying DDD principles to enhance system performance. At WorkSome in KBH, I designed and implemented a Vendor Management System, demonstrating a commitment to DDD and refining product definitions.

📚 Knowledge Sharer: As a regular speaker at conferences like Iran DDD and a contributor to Dzone, Tuts+, and SitePoint, I actively share insights and stay at the forefront of software engineering trends. My goal is not just to keep up but to contribute to the evolution of our field.

🤝 Team Player & Leader: Throughout my career, I’ve not only led teams but actively contributed to a collaborative and dynamic work environment. I believe in setting up colleagues for success, and my leadership style revolves around fostering innovation and continuous improvement, all rooted in DDD methodologies.

If you’re seeking a software engineer who brings not only technical prowess but also a passion for DDD and innovation, let’s collaborate on projects that transcend expectations.

Ready to elevate your tech game with a DDD enthusiast? Let’s connect on LinkedIn and explore the possibilities.


Alireza Rahmani Khalili.